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5 Questions to Ask Before Signing the Lease of a Rental Apartment

A lease is a time-bound contractual agreement made between a lessee and landlord. Under the agreement, the lessee agrees to pay the lessor a fixed amount for a stipulated period of time, for using the latter’s rental property or any other asset. Unlike a “rental agreement”, a lease is a legally binding document, and therefore, […]

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4 Important Things Your Landlord Might Not Tell You

So, you have found your ideal apartment and set to complete all the legal formalities for moving to the new place. Though you have read the lease and discussed all the pros and cons, there some important factors that the landlord may miss out. Before you move into the apartment, you need to review these […]

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Getting an Apartment on Rent Even With a Poor Credit Score: A Step-by-step Guide

Searching for an apartment on rent when you have a poor credit score can be a tricky task. This is because property owners expect a fixed, and regular return from their property in the form of rental payments and will take every necessary step to protect their investment. Most, if not all landlords, will run […]

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