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Finding and Renting a Pet-friendly Apartment

Finding a rental that accepts your four-legged friend can be quite a task. Many communities have a strict no-pet policy, while others may allow pets, but with certain restrictions. Kington Properties understands your furry friend means the world to you, which is why we ensure your pets have a good time, whether you chose to […]

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6 Essentials you Would Need When Moving to a New Apartment with Your Pet

If you are moving to a new apartment with your pet, you would need to take care of several pet essentials to ensure more fun and less hassle. Starting from their medical documents to food, you would want to make sure you have got all your pet moving essentials packed. To help, the post gives […]

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4 Tips to Secure Your Rental Apartment from Burglars

Rental apartments must have the right security systems to keep away elements that may pose a potential threat to renters. Although rental renters security is the responsibility of property owners, tenants are also responsible to ensure their safety. If you are planning to move in a rental property in San Angelo or any other place, […]

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