10 Commandment for Decorating your Living Room

Ideas for decorating your rental apartment living room in North Central San Angelo

There is a reason why living rooms are named so, it’s that part of the house where so much of life takes place, after all. Every member of the family has their own way to utilize this space – entertainment, chit-chatting, and party. Whether you are living in windmill apartments rental or any other rental unit, if there are rules that you as a renter must follow then these rules should be below mentioned 10 commandments to make your living room more stylish and homelike.

1. Thou Shalt Not Make the TV the Center of Attraction

Instead of giving all attention to TV placement and aligning other things accordingly, focus more on people placement and enjoy the space. Let the TV and your gaming console play a supporting role in some other part of the house. Though it might be hard to imagine a living room without a TV, you need to remember that nothing substitutes the company of real people.

2. Thou Shalt Use Throw Pillows and Chic Covers

If you want something simple and long-lasting, go for cotton or polyester cushion covers. On the other hand, if you want a rich appeal, try velvet, suede, or silk covers. Feel free to experiment with colors, styles, patterns, and textures, while keeping comfort the priority. Most importantly, don’t forget to add one or two personalized cushions covers to add a personal touch.

3. Thou Shalt Decorate the Coffee Table

When it comes to decorating a coffee table, think of scented candles, fresh flowers, trendy vases, interesting quotes, or use ceramic pottery to give it a distinct look. The easiest way to go about decoration is choosing a theme such as vintage, black-and-white, or contemporary. If you like try adding an attractive centerpiece such as a vintage bowl made of silver or brass.

4. Thou Shalt Invest in Wall Tapestries

Modern home decorators are taking their cues from 16th century abodes, and hanging rugs and tapestries on walls as beautiful works of art is one such inspiration that dates back centuries. Utilize your wall behind the couch as a canvas of your aesthetic expression and choose a tapestry that suits your taste and theme of the living room.

5. Thou Shalt Not Pick any Random Rug

A rug ties a room together, and therefore, without one, your furniture may appear scattered. Choose a rug that adds color and texture to the living space and helps keep the noise down. The rug must define the area, and should be large enough to at least cover the front legs of the furniture. It is advisable to go for some contrast, as matching everything would make the room look bland.

6. Thou Shalt Use Floor Lamps

As we use living rooms for different purposes, and most importantly for relaxing; instead of going for harsh and bright lights, illuminate the space with dimlit floor lamps to set the tone for relaxation. The market is awash with both classic and contemporary floor lamps, and therefore, finding some options that suit your home’s decor will not be a problem.

7. Thou Shalt Not Ignore the Plants

No matter how many synthetic decoratives you add to your living space, nothing can beat the refreshing aura created by beautiful bonsai plant planted in a beautiful pot by the window. Having some natural greens in the living room not only adds some extra zing to the space, but also improves the quality of indoor air by increasing the oxygen-level.

8. Thou Shalt Add Some Storage Spaces

If you live in an apartment, in all probability, custom cabinetry is a necessity, not a matter of “choice”. As apartments usually lack storage space, adding your own by investing in some affordable bookshelves, chest, étagère or cabinets, is sure to help you keep the place tidy. In space is a constraint, you may go for couches with in-built storage spaces.

9. Thou Shalt Say No to Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds would have been the ultimate sin in the holy book of interior designing – if there had been one! If you don’t want your living space to look like a hospital room, do not go for vertical blinds. If you live in a rental apartment that already has vertical blinds, either take them down (if allowed by the your landlord), or cover them with some themed curtains.

10. Thou Shalt Use Mirrors

Market is awash with decorative mirrors, so why not use one or two for your living space, afterall who doesn’t like to admire their beauty. Adding mirrors to the interiors of your living room make it look much more spacious, making the space more welcoming for your guests. However, be tasteful with the selection as going overboard with the use of mirrors may spoil the appeal of your abode.

Wrapping Up

Although following these commandments is sure to help you create a stylish living space, you can do away with one or two of the options, if you are short on space. If you are looking for a rental apartment in North Central San Angelo, look no further than Kington Properties’ Windmill apartments. Our 1-3 bedroom apartments have cozy living rooms that offer you enough relaxing space, equipped with the best of amenities. Should you wish to learn more about our Windmill apartments, feel free to call us at (325) 949-5235, or click here to schedule a tour.


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