4 Easy Ways to Bring Your Rental ‘Living Room’ to ‘Life’

living roomA living room is a place that everyone first confronts when they visit your home. It creates the first impression of your home, and you would want the space to look as beautiful as possible. The good news is, you do not always have to be a house owner to customize your living room. Even if you live in a rental apartment, whether in San Angelo, there are multiple small steps you can take to create a living room that’s a reflection of you, without having to spend a fortune. We show you four simple but effective tips to upgrade your living room and add a touch of personalization.


1. Upgrade the Lighting

Switching up the lights can add a new definition to your living room. Replace dim overhead lights with a bright chandelier to create some spark. By strategically placing even a small pendant or a tripod lamp, you can change the ambience of the entire room and draw attention towards your most stylish decor elements. The good news is there are plenty of DIY lighting ideas available online. Whatever you choose, go with energy-star rated lights.

2. Create your own Coffee Table

Building your own coffee table instead of buying can not only be fun but also give you monetary savings. When you create a custom coffee table, it’s easier to match it with the height and length of your couch. If you’ve never designed a coffee table, start with a simple project such as using a wooden slab and hairpin legs to create one. You can even use an old bookcase or an old door and convert it into a coffee table. Here are more creative ideas.

3. Add Temporary Wallpapers

If your landlord allows, a temporary wallpaper is one of the easiest and smartest ways to fashion your living room according to your taste. Wall decals are available in all sorts of patterns, logos, and colors, giving you endless possibilities to make your walls look interesting. Whether you wish to create a vintage-like environment or add some contemporary art in your living room, temporary wallpapers make it all possible.

4. Use Room Dividers

Talk about adding privacy, functionality, or improving the aesthetic appeal of your living space, room dividers are a sure solution. Use them to redirect foot traffic, and divide and conceal spaces. If you don’t want your kitchen and bedroom to be visible from your living room, for example, a room divider is an easy solution to block the view. The best part is, room dividers are quite flexible, which allows you to remove or move them as and when you want.

There’s More!

These are just a few of the many ways to bring some life into your living room and fashion it according to your taste. You can take several other small steps, from installing custom rugs to adding some indoor plants to bring life to your living room. As far as finding the right rental apartment is concerned, Kington Properties has got you covered. Our family-owned business offers several luxurious yet affordable apartments for rent in San Angelo, Texas, to meet diverse needs. To directly speak to one of our property managers, fill the contact form.


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