4 Important Things Your Landlord Might Not Tell You

Important factors before ranting an apartment in San Angelo

So, you have found your ideal apartment and set to complete all the legal formalities for moving to the new place. Though you have read the lease and discussed all the pros and cons, there some important factors that the landlord may miss out. Before you move into the apartment, you need to review these details your landlord may miss out. Read on.

Getting Renters Insurance

Almost every landlord has an insurance policy that covers all the structural damages caused to an apartment; however, it may not cover your possessions. This is the reason why you need a renter’s insurance. The good news is that renters insurance is quite affordable, and you may get insurance at approximately $200.

Purchasing a Smart Home Security System

Active, smart and monitored security system is essential for a rental apartment. Several insurance firms may give you around 20 percent discount if the rental apartment has an active home security system. Explore the security options at the rental apartment and inform your landlord before installing a smart home security system. A smart security system is a profitable option for renters as it is not only easy to install and simple to pack and take with you when you shift to a new apartment.

Inform the landlord about all the minor issues

Many a time, you may come across minor issues such as dripping faucet or malfunctioned electric system, about which the landlord may not inform you. These minor issues, in the long-run, may lead to disasters in the future. Prior shifting to the new apartment it is always better to check and inform a landlord about all such issues. If possible, try to get everything in writing to avoid any problems in the future.

Pets are Permitted or Not

Before you move into an apartment, don’t forget to ask the landlord whether it is a pet-friendly apartment. You may need to pay a pet deposit or non-refundable pet fee in addition to the security deposit. Even if you pay these additional amounts, you are still responsible for the damages caused to the property by your pet. Also, ask landlord, to mention all the conditions regarding pets in the lease agreement.

Summing Up

Those were some of the important factors that you need to ask your landlord before renting ab apartment. When you understand all your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, you will enjoy your stay in the rental apartment. Read the lease carefully and communicate your concerns to the landlord to avoid any doubts. If you are looking for affordable apartments loaded with all the amenities, visit Windmill Apartments by Kington Properties.


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