4 Quick and Affordable Ways to Renovate Bathroom in a Rental Property

4 Quick and Affordable Ways to Renovate Bathroom in a Rental Property

Reviving an old bathroom in a rented apartment doesn’t require a total overhaul. There are some easy ways to transform a boring bathroom into spacious, beautiful and organized part of the house that is classy in its own way. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming improvement project. The blog discusses some affordable bathroom renovation ideas you can do over the weekend:

1. Clean it up thoroughly

Clean every corner and wall of the bathroom to remove stains, cobwebs, etc. Deep cleaning the bathroom can make more a lot of difference than you expect. Spend some hours in the morning washing and scrubbing countertop, toilet, sink, and shower. You can use vinegar water solution, baking soda or cleaning chemical to brighten up the bathroom.

2. Add extra storage

Storage bins and containers make the bathroom look messy. A standing cabinet is a convenient way to store bathroom items behind the closed shelves. Choose an empty wall to hang wood armoire or you may use the wall space above the toilet for floating shelves. This will give a neat look to the bathroom and add more space to keep utility items.

3. Replace fixtures

Putting new fixtures won’t change the look of the bathroom completely, but will certainly give a new look to the space. You may replace shower head, toilet seat, mirror or cabinet hardware as these are not-so-expensive things that give an instant makeover to the bathroom. It is, however, better to get landlord’s permission before you replace the fixtures. We advise you not to throw away the old fixtures, as the landlord might ask for them later.

4. Paint the walls

A major portion of bathroom wall is covered by shower, bathtub, cabinets, mirrors, etc., so there’s no need to hire a professional to paint the wall. Choose a shade that brightens up the entire bathroom and makes it look bigger. Do pay attention to the color of fixtures and other items in the bathroom so that the wall color blends well with the theme. Painting is not an expensive job, and it will surely change the look of the bathroom.

These not-so-expensive and easy-to-do tips will transform the bathroom from boring and cramped to fabulous and spacious part of the house in no time. If you want more such rental apartment renovation and home improvement tips, do check our blogs regularly. If you are looking for a rental apartment in North Central San Angelo, Windmill Apartments for rent is the ideal place for you and your family.

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