4 Steps You Must Take Before Renting an Apartment

RentingAs the homeownership rate continues to drop with an increasing number of millennials opting to rent than buy a home, the demand for rental apartments is on the rise. Renting an apartment is, therefore, not easy. But, if you do your homework right then finding a rental home doesn’t have to be too overwhelming. To help you ensure that your rental resume gets shortlisted easily and you don’t end up renting the wrong apartment, here are four important steps you must follow.


1. Make Sure You Have a Great Credit Score

Some landlords have strict credit score requirements. The credit score gives them an idea about the credibility of the potential tenant. To make sure that your credit score does not prevent you from renting your dream apartment, order your credit report online and check if there are any errors on it. Fixing your credit score can thus help you increase your odds of getting your rental home.

2. Check Out the Neighborhood

One of the factors to consider when choosing a rental apartment is your neighborhood. Choose a neighbourhood that is safe and has all the amenities you require. For example, if you are living with children you would want some good schools nearby. Similarly, if you are living with your elderly parents, you would want a hospital in your vicinity.

3. Conduct an Inspection

Inspect the property and check if the bathroom fixtures such as faucets, showers, etc are working fine. Check electrical fittings such as lights, tubes, fans and others. You can also hire a home inspection professional to do a thorough inspection that includes inspecting the apartment for any leakages, signs of insects or rodents. In case there are any issues, notify the landlord and ask them to get it fixed before you sign the agreement.

4. Read the Lease Document

Many people make the mistake of signing a legal document without going through the terms and conditions mentioned in it. While your apartment manager may read out the important points in the contract to you, but you must make sure that you go through the entire document yourself. So, next time before you sign above the dotted line, do read the complete lease document.

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