4 Tips to Secure Your Rental Apartment from Burglars

4 TipsRental apartments must have the right security systems to keep away elements that may pose a potential threat to renters. Although rental renters security is the responsibility of property owners, tenants are also responsible to ensure their safety. If you are planning to move in a rental property in San Angelo or any other place, the post discusses some effective tips to prevent break-ins and burglary in your apartment.

1. Secure Doors and Windows

Many renters think that front door is the only place that needs utmost safety from burglars, but that’s not true. Even if you are living on the sixth floor, it is advisable to secure all entry points into your residence. Though one of the key steps to prevent break-ins or burglary through doors and windows is to have sturdy locks in place, you can take your doors and windows security a level higher by using additional hardware. For example, secure your sliding door with an inside bar lock or a pole on the track. You can also install a secondary lock on the door to doubly ensure the safety. In addition, doors should have sturdy knob locks, a deadbolt, and its hinges should be reinforced.

2. Use Security Systems

Having your apartment protected under several security systems will deter the bad guy from making a move. You can incorporate security systems, such as surveillance camera, motion detectors, and wireless security systems that don’t require drilling holes in your rental apartment. Many wireless security systems can be used by hanging from the walls with removable adhesives. Moreover, many security systems are easily accessible through smartphones, tablets, and computers, that allow you to keep an eye on your apartment anytime and anywhere.

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3. Use a Smart Security Safe

A smart security safe further ensures the security of your valuable possessions, such as jewelry, cash, and sensitive documents. Smart safes come in a variety of sizes and prices ranging from under 100$ to thousands of dollars. When investing in a safe, make sure you talk to your landlord if it requires bolting it to the floor or wall. Though the safe doesn’t guarantee a complete safety of your home, it does protect your valuables, from thieves who are looking for valuables in plain sight.

4. Outdoor Security

If you are living in a multifamily rental property, entrance gate to the building acts as the first line of defence against burglars. If exterior door lock is in place, it is likely that it must have already stopped many potential trouble-makers from barging into your building. If the exterior lock isn’t working, it is your duty to inform your building owner for getting it fixed. Notify your building owner or manager about the broken or malfunctioning lock of the exterior door.

Wrapping Up

In addition to mentioned security tips, it is advisable to use high-watt sodium lamps in the entrance. A well lit area will help surveillance cameras work better and the burglars wouldn’t find any place to hide. Also, if you are living in an apartment in San Angelo or any other place, it is advisable to don’t leave any valuables on your porch or balcony, as that might tempt a thief to break-into your home. If you are looking for rental properties in San Angelo, TX, visit our apartments, specifically designed and constructed to offer a comfortable and affordable living space to tenants. For details, fill out the contact form and our property manager will get in touch with you.


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