5 Clauses to Include When Renewing Your Lease Agreement

Apartments for RentRental properties, such as Bellagio apartments in TX, offer several facilities that promise a comfortable stay for tenants. However, some apartments for rent in San Angelo TX fall short on providing all the amenities and facilities desired by renters. If you are not satisfied by the rental property you are staying in and your lease agreement is coming up for renewal, treat it as an opportunity to discuss the shortcomings with your apartment manager or landlord and include the desired clauses in your lease agreement. To help, this blog post lists five clauses that you must discuss with your landlord during a lease agreement renewal.

1. Subletting

Subletting is an excellent option if you have to move to another place before your lease expires. It allows you to lease the property to another person, instead of having the subtenant lease directly with the landlord. Subleasing, though is only possible until approved by the law. Since rental laws in Texas requires you to have permission from your landlord to sublease the rental property. Subletting, therefore, can be an important clause to discuss with your landlord during lease renewal.

2. Pet-friendly Amenities

If you love pets but couldn’t keep one during your stay, negotiate with the landlord to allow you to keep one and also introduce pet-friendly amenities, such as garden and walk paths that promise a comfortable stay. Pet-friendly modifications to the apartment and introduction of particular amenities in the premises will make it easy to keep a pet.

3. External Storage Space

Some rental properties often have limited floor space, which is unable to accommodate all your belongings. External storage spaces are an excellent facility that helps you safely store some of your belongings. If your rental property has external storage units but you somehow failed to secure an allotment, make your move early to get one this time.

4. Security Add-ons

Security is one of the crucial elements considered by tenants when searching for a rental property. If you overlooked this aspect during when you settled for your current apartment for rent in San Angelo, make sure you discuss areas of concern with your property manager during lease renewal. Security add-ons such as smart locks and cctv cameras not only elevate a rental property’s security, but also engenders a sense of protection among tenants. Security add-ons also help give you peace of mind by keeping trespassing and burglary incidents in check.

5. Alterations to Apartment

Most lease agreements make alterations a preserve of property owners and managers. It is, however, difficult for the landlord to entertain all tenant requests for modifications to rental apartments. The situation can be frustrating if you are required to waiting for the landlord’s nod even for the slightest of alterations. Negotiating for the inclusion of a clause that grants you the right to carry out minor alterations with the help of professionals is the best way to go.

The Bottom Line

Negotiate with your landlord or rental property manager for the inclusion of these clauses in the rent agreement to improve your standard of living at the rental property in San Angelo, TX. Bellagio Apartments in San Angelo, TX provides everything from pet-friendly amenities to external storage units. Other amenities that you get at Bellagio apartments include air conditioned units, laundry rooms, common pool, and round-the-clock assistance. If you wish to rent Bellagio Apartments in San Angelo, Kington Properties can help. We are a family-owned and operated business helping tenants find rental properties that meet their requirements in San Angelo for over 25 years. Schedule a tour of Bellagio Apartments to discover if they suit your budget and expectations. For more information on Bellagio apartments for rent, get in touch with the Property Manager – Adrianna Tijerina at (325) 944-1234.


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