5 Cost-effective Tips to Turn a Rental Apartment into a “Home”

Rental Apartment San Angelo TXEven if you live in a rental apartment, it goes without saying that you would like to feel ‘at home’, which always calls for some personalization. The good news is, you don’t have to necessarily own a house to personalize it. Even in rented apartments, such as Bellagio at Sunset in San Angelo, Texas, you can take small steps that need minimal investment to personalize your abode. All you need are some creative ideas that can turn a rental apartment into your dream home. Here are five of them to get you started. Take a look.

1. Go Green

Adding indoor plants is an easy way to spruce up a rental home. There are an infinite number of ways to creatively use them in almost all parts of the house. You can, for instance, use containers of different color and sizes to grow plants. You can also place freshly cut flowers and branches in vintage sap buckets. Another option is wire and woven baskets that are easy to maintain and do not demand much in terms of maintenance.

2. Let There be Light

Even a strategically placed dim-lit bulb can work wonders in changing the ambience of your rental apartment. First, visualize where you want to place the lights to get a bright reflection from the walls. Once finalized, add some twinkling lights or light bulbs to create a soothing environment in your bedroom. You may install hard-wired pendants and sconces to bring some more glitter and glamour in rooms. Don’t forget to use energy-star rated lights that consume less electricity compared to conventional lights.

3. Use Wall Hangings

Wall hangings give you another great way to creatively fill spaces and let that sense of “my home” feeling come in your rental house. If you are wondering from where to begin, think about your family photos. Next, there are all sorts of paintings, colorful posters, tapestries, and other artworks you can take advantage of to transform that wall from bland to bold and beautiful.

4. Opt for Modular Furniture

Storing things neatly in a limited space can be challenging task, no matter whether you live in a rental property or your own. If you too are dealing with the problem, consider modular furniture. Be it a sectional sofa that can split up into chairs or launch a small bed or a bookshelf that you can twist to turn smaller when required; modular furniture can help to impart a sophisticated look to your rental home and thereby, make it a better place for living.

5. Use Wall Decals

Wall decals are one of the smartest and fastest ways to add that sense of personal style to any rental apartment. From lettering to graphics to logos, there’s an endless range of decals available, which you can use to decorate your walls and get closer to that distinctively contemporary appeal. Usually made of vinyl, wall decals are durable and can stick to any smooth surface. Just make sure your landlord doesn’t mind the move.

That’s Not All!

Many other simple changes, such as using bright rugs in the living area, adding twinkling lights, and installing a plush rug, can also transform a rental property into a home that resonates with your taste and persona. As far as finding a luxurious yet affordable apartment is concerned, Kington Properties has got you covered. From Bellagio apartments in South Angelo to Oyster Creek Apartments in Lake Jackson, we have several rental units, equipped with all that you may need for a pleasant stay. For more information, call us at (325) 944-1234 or fill out our contact form and one our representatives will get back to you, shortly.


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