5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Apartment Space

rental apartment in San AngeloIf you are looking for ways to maximize space and deal with clutter in your new or current apartment, the whole scenario often presents some unique challenges. The amount of stuff you have around the house, such as magazines, clothes, furniture items, continues to pile over the years, taking up more and more space. If you are looking for an apartment in San Angelo TX that appeals to your space requirements, Kington Properties is here to help. To help you get started optimizing and creating more space in your apartment, we list five easy tips.

1. Remove the Clutter

It makes sense: the less stuff you have, the more free space you get. It is advisable to keep the apartment free of big furniture and other space consuming items. If your apartment already has the necessary furniture, avoid adding more items. The same goes for bedding and clothing. If the storage space is not enough to accommodate additional stuff, it makes sense to wait and create extra storage first.

2. Create Hidden Storage Spaces

A good way to organize the clutter in your apartment is to create hidden storage space. Choose a bed with under-bed storage or high legs and use the space for storage. If the kitchen cabinets don’t extend to the ceiling, use the space between to store kitchen equipment such as a cake stand and large platter.

3. Set Up Separate Living Areas

Using folding screens or shelves to create extra spaces in the apartment is a great idea. You can be creative while separating different areas to perform distinct tasks. You can use them to expand the dining zone when hosting dinner parties or creating additional living spaces. Add a rug near the folding screen to enhance the decor quotient of your apartment.

4. Open Book Shelves

Adding bookshelves is an effective and practical way to maximize apartment space. Place bookshelves perpendicular to a wall to create extra living and storage spaces in your apartment. The bookshelves need not be as high as the ceiling but using tall shelves makes rooms look bigger and creates extra storage space.

5. Room Dividers

Room dividers add utility, style, and aesthetic beauty to your apartment. They offer invaluable convenience by dividing your apartment space for improved utility and utilization. They help divide room space without closing it off entirely. If you want to set a desk or create a personal recreation corner in your apartment, just unfold and install a room divider. They are also easy to store as they can be folded into a smaller sizes.

Wrapping Up

Take time to go through all items you have managed to gather over years in your apartment. Magazines, footwear, gifts, clothes, shoes, and the list goes on. These items quickly fill up your apartment storage spaces, especially in the absence of proper storage. The five tips discussed above help you maximize apartment space and live clutter-free. If you are looking for spacious furnished apartments in San Angelo TX, talk to Kngton Properties. To get detailed information about available rental properties in San Angelo, TX, fill out our contact form. We will get back to you soon. You can also call our property managers at (325) 942-8198, (325) 944-1234, or (325) 949-5235.

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