5 Enhanced Security Tips when Moving Into A New Rental Home

Bellagio apartments for rentThe stress of moving to a new location is unsettling and lack of familiarity leaves many tenants pondering about apartment security. Though rental units such as Bellagio apartments TX are highly secure, as only pre-screened tenants are allowed to stay; no apartment is completely immune to outside invasions. Tenants, therefore, need to consider a few additional security mechanisms to ensure they are protected against burglaries, home invasions, and other security breaches. That said, the blog post discusses five security tips that every tenant must consider when moving into a new house for rent in Bellagio or elsewhere.

1. Get Additional Locks for Front Door

Though your new rental home may already be secured, consider installing a deadbolt and chain lock at the main entrance for additional security. The reason being spring bolt locks can be easily retracted with outside pressure; however, knocking a deadbolt isn’t that simple, as it opens only after the lock cylinder rotates. In addition, a chain lock ensures that you don’t have to keep the door wide open when talking to strangers.

2. Bolster Sliding Door

Sliding doors, if not secured, may provide easy access to intruders. Many sliding doors have a weak locking system that comes off with a gentle nudge. To prevent intruders from exploiting this vulnerability to enter your home, it is advisable to secure your sliding door with a double locking mechanism or placing a pole on the tracks.

3. Block Outside Vision Through Blinds

Outside vision is one of the factors that tempts intruders to break into your home. If outside vision isn’t blocked, intruders can get tempted by your belongings and monitor all activity in your home and discover the safest time to break-in. To protect your home from prying eyes, invest in high quality blinds that can completely block outside vision.

4. Check Security Systems

Though CCTV security is a staple in many rental units such as Bellagio Apartments TX, check whether your specific apartment is rigged with security cameras. Home invasions can happen pretty much in any rental unit; however, intruders may think a million times before attempting to break-into an apartment covered by CCTV cameras. Even if you see security cameras during your visit, double check to see if they are working or not.

5. Buy Renter’s Insurance

Landlord’s insurance covers the rental property against potential damage but not your personal belongings and possessions. If a security breach in your rental property results in stolen personal belongings, you can’t get compensation for the loss in the absence of renter’s insurance. To safeguard your personal belongings against potential loss, theft, weather damage or fire, consider buying renter’s insurance. It’s quite affordable, starting from $20 a month and offers several benefits.

The Bottom Line

Many tenants moving into new rental homes in Texas or elsewhere share common security concerns. When considering or moving into a house for rent in Bellagio, take matters to do with your apartment security into your own hands by implementing additional measures. Don’t leave any vulnerabilities that may provide intruders a chance to break-in or monitor your home. If you are searching for highly secure rental facilities, Kington Properties’ Bellagio Apartments for rent is the place to go. To learn more about the rental units or to arrange a visit, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at (325) 944-1234.

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