5 Essential Tips to Save Money on Movers

Packers and MoversIt took you some time to find the perfect apartment, but finally you are happy with your choice. The location is good, rooms are spacious, and there is every amenity you want. The next challenge is moving your stuff to the new apartment. Although you can approach the task the DIY way, hiring professional movers makes sense, as it gives you access to top quality services, convenience, and peace of mind. If you are in Texas, there are a lot of professional movers that can help you move your property on time, damage-free, and at affordable rates, whether you are moving to bellagio apartments for rent in San Angelo or any other jurisdiction. To help you save money on movers, this blog post shares 5 useful tips. Let’s dig in.

Move mid-month

Movers tend to be busier during the last week of the month as most people move during this time. To save when moving, it therefore makes sense to make your move in the middle of the month. The months of May to September are busy for movers. If you wish to move to a new house for rent in Bellagio or any other location, the best time is early spring or winter.

Reduce the amount of items to be moved

Some movers charge a flat fee irrespective of the delivery time and type of packing materials used, while others consider such factors. You may get a better deal on moving services by reducing the number of items to be moved. If there are items that you no longer need, donate them to charity or dispose them. You can also move items such as clothing, bedding, and dishes using your own vehicle.

Get your own packing materials

Moving requires different packaging items and professional movers often supply such materials. You can buy boxes, tape, and other materials from them, but it is advisable to visit your local hardware store or Craigslist. You can also get packing boxes and materials from van rental companies. Apart from helping you save on material prices, rental companies accept returns in the form of excess material you don’t use.

Pack some items yourself

Pack and transport some items such as clothing, dishes, and books using a personal vehicle.  When packing dishes and glassware, make sure to use enough bubble wrap and pack tightly. It is advisable to let professional movers take care of expensive, heavy, and fragile items such as mirrors, TVs, and furniture.

Book a mover early

Some movers charge extra if you book at the last-minute. You can save money by booking a mover well ahead of the day you plan to move. Ask your moving company about the best time to book to get a discount. If you are flexible with your moving time and day, some movers may lower your quote.

Wrapping Up

The mere thought of the task that lies ahead can be overwhelming, especially when you consider the quantity of items that need to be transported. Whether you are moving across town or to a new city, being organized and planning ahead is the key to saving on moving costs and ensuring that your property arrives dent-free. Hiring professional movers makes sure you get careful, swift, and timely delivery of your items. If you are still on the hunt for the right apartment, talk to Kington Properties. We offer pristine accommodation in friendly and quiet neighbourhoods. One great option is bellagio apartments in San Angelo Texas. To get answers to your questions or check out available units at Bellagio apartments for rent, call us at (325) 944-1234. You can also ‘Schedule a tour’ of houses for rent in Bellagio.


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