5 Simple Ways to Save Big on Your Rental Apartment Utility Bills

High utility bills are one of the biggest concerns for people living in rental apartments in Texas and other places. Most people invest huge efforts to save energy and lower utility bills but still end up with large bills at the end of every month. Such a scenario often occurs due to other practices that chip away any gains and often go unnoticed. If utility bills are causing a dent in your pocket, there are many other ways to keep them under check. This blog takes a closer look at some such measures that you can employ.

Rental Apartment Utility Bills

1. Perform Quick Night Checks

Every night before sleeping, make sure that lights, fans, and other electrical appliances such as the television are switched off. Although it might not bring a big difference to your utility bills, all small efforts to save energy work together to make the difference. Nightly checks are quick and do not require much effort, although a deliberate push is required until it becomes a habit.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Another easy way to save on utility bills is to adopt CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. CFL and LED lights are ten times more durable than traditional incandescent lights. On average, both CFL and LED bulbs consume 20 to 80 percent less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They may seem expensive at first but always prove cost-effective in the long run.

3. Keep Track of Time

Leaving computers and laptops running, even in sleep mode, is not advisable as it consumes a lot of energy. To save power, set your computer and laptop to shutdown after 30 minutes of idleness. Try to use the washing machines, dishwasher, and other big electric appliances after sundown as many power companies offer discounts to people who run their appliances during off-peak hours.

4. Use Natural Temperature Regulation

Preventing sunlight from entering the house in summers helps keep the house cool naturally. Another way to save on air conditioning bills is to paint your roof white as dark colors absorb heat while lighter colors reflect light and keep rooms cool for longer periods. You can also keep your windows open at night to let the night breeze cool your house, and close them in the morning to maintain lower temperature for longer. If your budget allows, weatherproofing is another option that can help keep your house warm in winters and cool in summers.

5. Save Water and Money

Is your money drowning in water bills? If so, you can save by installing low-flow showers and sink heads in the bathroom. You can also wash your clothes in cold water instead of heating it as water heaters consume lots of energy. Lowering the default temperature of your water heaters is also a great way to save energy while keeping the water hot enough for everyday use.


If high utility bills bother you every month, you need to take steps to bring down your energy consumption by utilizing the five simple tips discussed in the blog post. For more advice and information relating to energy efficient multifamily property improvements, check our blog space regularly. If you are looking for a rental apartment in San Angelo, Texas, Tuscany Apartment Homes are perfect for your family. Call today at (325) 942-8198 to discuss your requirement and how we can meet or exceed your expectation.



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