5 Smart Ways to Integrate Art in your Apartment

Rental PropertiesIntegrating art in an apartment is a smart way to add a touch of personal style and create warmth. Art pieces such as paintings, large frames, and statement pieces help create cozy and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Apart from adding color and character, art can also be used in creative ways to make the best of  your apartment space, whether you are staying in our Tuscany rental apartments or our other properties. If you are looking to give your rental apartment an ‘artistic’ facelift to enhance your decor, know these five smart approaches.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are a great way to give a room an aesthetic and artistic upgrade. They use bold and powerful colors, and bring a dramatic effect to spaces or rooms. Use a large artwork in the center to divide the space into separate functional areas. Paintings featuring vibrant designs and creative use of colors are perfect to up your apartment’s decor.

Large Frames

An innovative way to use frames is to use small photographs and prints in frames with large borders. Use them in the corner of rooms or small settings for better results. Hang one or two large art pieces on a large wall to add depth. Taking original artworks created on paper and using them in large frames along with other paintings is also a great idea to deck up a wall.

Neutral Colors

Use neutral colors to make a light and cool ambiance. They blend with every decor theme. Even if you want to redecorate or add some furniture later, you won’t have to worry about changing the artwork in the apartment. Neutral colors provide a soft backdrop for furnishings, decor elements, and artwork.


Layering artworks is a great idea to enhance the decor of your rental property in San Angelo TX. It does not require drilling holes but simply leaning artworks against the walls. It helps you efficiently use extra space in the apartment that could be near your favorite coffee table or console. Move the pieces around until your find the perfect configuration.

Trendy Wall Vignettes

Create trendy wall vignettes by mixing and matching different frame sizes and styles. They let you get creative and showcase your personal style. Use photo frames available in wallpaper patterns and blend them with other artworks to create an appealing ‘wall of art’. You can also let your kids draw and paint on a wall before you can decorate it with trendy artwork.

Wrapping Up

Adding artworks helps add character and style to your apartment. Our apartments for rent in San Angelo, Texas offer premium accommodation that you can personalize with your type of artwork. You can lean your artwork against walls and bookshelves, hang it on walls, and place small ones by your bedside. There are no strict rules. The key is to be creative and not let boring rules define your living spaces. If you are looking for apartments for rent in San Angelo, Tuscany rental apartments are a great choice. To learn more about Kington Properties’ rental properties in San Angelo, speak with our property manager at (325) 942-8198 or schedule a visit by filling out our contact form.

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