5 Things To Do Before Signing an Apartment Lease

img-01Caution is always important when going ahead with any decision that involves contracts. Signing any type of legal document without taking the time to go through the contents can result in several undesirable scenarios, and an apartment lease is no exception. Although the majority of investors and agents providing Tuscany rental apartments in TX are trustworthy, it is still important not to let your guard down. Go through Tuscany apartment reviews and also check out the apartment ratings. To help ensure you don’t find yourself in any conflict or legal hassle, this brief looks at five things you need to consider when signing the lease of a rental apartment.

1. Discuss Existing Damage

Make sure that the landowner is aware of any existing damage to the apartment, so that you are not held responsible in future. Try to ensure that the owner repairs the damage if you find it critical and necessary. Take photos or videos of any damage, and send to the landlord. Mention all damage that is not repaired in your lease document as proof that you are not accountable for it.

2. Check Community Guidelines

Although you are free to live the way you want in your rental apartment, there are rules you should follow such as pay the maintenance charges on time, follow the quiet hours, keep the area clean and more. Check all the rules and talk to the owner if you do not agree with something. Discuss with the landowner about rules and regulations that you are not comfortable with to try and get an exemption or a compromise.

3. Research Company’s Reputation

Before signing the lease, it is important to check if the company is  verified and registered with the NAA (National Apartment Association). All apartments affiliated to NAA offer quality and pleasant stay. Although the apartments offer various facilities starting from the parking area to swimming pool and gym, but there are factors beyond company’s control such as if the area is prone to crime, nearest market or other commercial areas, and behavior of people living around. Concentrate on these issues as they may create a deep impact in your safe and comfortable stay.

4. Check Lease Termination Policies

Do you know about the notice period to serve before leaving the apartment? If not, it is important to understand the lease termination policies before signing. For instance, if you move out of the rental apartment after the expiry of the initial lease, you may be asked to pay the compensation fee. To avoid such a scenario, read the rental document carefully and try not to violate the lease policy.

5. Research Your Neighbors

Apart from the prerequisites of rental apartments relating to facilities, damages, and agreement policies, make sure you know the environment well. You can talk to the people living near your apartment and ask them about the nearest park, school, mall, market and other important commercial places. Ask them about society rules, maid services, and their experience living in the society. Talking to people also helps you know the place better on issues such as crime, schools, community activities, and many others.

Final Words

Signing a rental contract is a big decision that commits you to a long term contract. All the elements discussed above are important to prevent misunderstandings that may spoil your relationship with the property owner, expose you to legal hassles, and cause financial losses, all of which rob you of your peace of mind.  If you are planning to take up a Tuscany rental apartment in TX or windmill Park apartment, we are just a call away. You can reach us at (325)-942-8198, or fill out our contact form and we’ll take it from there. Talk to us for the best Tuscany apartments for rent.


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