5 Ways to Transform a Boring Balcony into a Lively Deck

Lively DeckFinding a rental apartment in San Angelo, TX is not too difficult, thanks to the numerous multi family properties in the city. Getting an apartment for rent that meets all the requirements, however, can be challenging. That said, several property owners allow their tenants to carry out minor renovations to suit their need. If your rental apartment does not have enough space to host your friends, you can create it by transforming the balcony into a spacious, comfortable, and beautiful deck with the feel of a garden. In short, a perfect outdoor hangout spot. Here are five simple ways to do it.

1. Lay Artificial Grass

The easiest and economical way of giving the balcony the look and feel of green is by laying artificial grass. It is easily available at home improvement stores and e-commerce stores at a pocket-friendly price. The best thing about artificial grass is that it demands low maintenance. Also, it does a reasonable job of impersonating the real thing without watering.

2. Set-up a Mini Garden

In addition to laying artificial grass, you can also set-up a mini garden to up the green quotient of your deck. Go for railing planter to make the most of the limited space. You may also pick a small container in which you can plant flowers and other saplings, depending on their requirement for exposure to the sun.

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3. Get Benches and Cushions

Once you are done with the ground work, it is time to make some seating space. Space-constraint may make it difficult to squeeze, multiple bean bags and comfy chairs, thus, the best option would be to get a couple of benches. They are much slimmer and can fit rather easily into the balcony. Add some cushions and colorful covers to make it look more appealing.

4. Install a Sound System or/and a TV

No relaxing zone is complete without entertainment options. A simple sound system to play some soothing tracks and set the mood for the party is a must. You might, as well, add a TV to the setting to create an open theater or play games on Xbox or PlayStation. When installing the sound system or/and TV in the deck just be sure about the weatherproofing solutions.

5. Hang Some Lights

Great lighting makes all the difference in the night. Just hang some soft white or colored light bulbs along the railings or tie them to a support wire. It will help create an appealing environment. You may install LED lamps for better lighting and to keep the power bills under check.

The Bottom Line

While these five simple steps will transform your balcony into an amazing deck in no time, you need to get in touch with a renowned property firm in San Angelo to find a spacious and comfortable rental apartment. Kington Properties is a 25-year-old family-owned and operated property firm helping people find premium and affordable apartments for rent in San Angelo, Texas. We have multiple rental sites in San Angelo, namely Tuscany Apartments, Bellagio at Sunset Apartments, Resort at Riverside Apartments, Windmill Park Apartments, and Sandpiper Apartments & Storage Units. To check out the rental units, schedule a tour or contact the respective property manager.


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