5 Ways to Turn Your Rental Apartment into a Refreshing Abode

Turning rental apartment into a refreshing abodeSan Angelo, TX is home to several multifamily properties that cater to nearly every tenant requirement. Houses for rent with a luxurious appeal and amenities demand high rentals, while other apartments for rent ask lower rentals and may lack in amenities, facilities, and space. With minor modifications, you can turn your rental apartment into a refreshing abode. To help, this blog post lists five ways to arrange your belongings and modify your rental property so that it looks appealing and comfortable without hampering movement and functionality.

Five smart renovation strategies for rental apartments

1. Replan the Rooms

If your apartment has a big room, you can break it up into different living areas with appropriate furniture and accessory. For instance, install a table, chair, and lamp to create a designated reading area, and arrange a couch and TV for transforming a portion into your living room. Segregate the spaces using room dividers or fabric for privacy. Choose funky fabric or room divider to add a punch of color to your apartment.

2. Leave Space for Pathways

To live comfortably, it is crucial that the furniture is arranged in a particular manner, especially if your place is tight on space. Avoid arranging or buying every furniture item, as it will clutter the room and even hinder movement. After all, you would not want to take awkward detours or climb over stuff to move around in the apartment.

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3. Include Vertical Storage

Storing belongings can be difficult, when you have maxed out the storage space provided in the apartment. With chests not being a suitable alternative for they occupy floor space, only way to store the remaining stuff is to utilize the vertical space in the apartment. Design shelves and invest in storage solutions that enable you to use the space off the ground. Use vertical storage option to store items that you won’t be using too often, as you would require a stepladder to store belongings at high-up storage spaces.

4. Embrace Sunlight

One of the best ways to make the space feel bigger is by letting in natural light. Avoid heavy windows treatment, instead install blinds or sheer panels as they obstruct outsiders’ views, and at the same time give you some privacy. In addition, allowing the natural sunlight into the apartment will help lift up the spirits, and make you more cheerful and happy.

5. Have Multipurpose Furniture

If you are tight on space, multipurpose furniture can be an excellent addition to your apartment. Buy a couch that doubles up as a bed at night, a coffee table with storage space, or a bed with under-mattress storage space. Multipurpose furniture help you save not only floor space but also money.

The Bottom Line

These simple modifications can go a long way in increasing the appeal and comfort of your rental property. If you are searching for comfortable and affordable apartments for rent in San Angelo, Kington Properties can help. We are a family owned and operated property firm offering premium yet affordable houses for rent in San Angelo, Texas. Tuscany Apartments, Bellagio at Sunset Apartments, Resort at Riverside Apartments, Windmill Park Apartments, Sandpiper Apartments & Storage Units, our 5 fully-staffed and maintained properties, are located in some of the most sought-after residential areas of San Angelo. With multiple floor plans and a range of features and amenities, our rental properties are your ideal home away from home. Contact property manager of any of the Kington Properties to schedule a property tour and discuss your requirement.


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