6 Essentials you Would Need When Moving to a New Apartment with Your Pet

6 EssentialsIf you are moving to a new apartment with your pet, you would need to take care of several pet essentials to ensure more fun and less hassle. Starting from their medical documents to food, you would want to make sure you have got all your pet moving essentials packed. To help, the post gives you a checklist of basic items that you would need when traveling to your new apartment with pets.



Medical Records

Make sure you collect all your pet’s health records from your current veterinarian. You may require these records when taking your pet to a new vet in your new place. However, shifting to a new place involves the risk of documents misplacement. If possible ask your current vet to transfer the documents electronically.

Pet’s Medicines

If your pet is on medication, it is important to get the medicines refilled and have them handy in your car when traveling. In addition, it is, advisable to have preventive heartworm and flea/tick medications handy.

Pet ID Tag

When moving to a new apartment, you must get a new ID tag for your pet, which includes your new apartment address and contact details. Do it before moving, as chances of pets missing or running off increases during the movement.

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Pet Bed

To make your pet feel more at home, don’t forget to bring along your pet’s bed. You would also require the bed if you plan to stay in any pet-friendly accommodation along your travel route.

Survival Essentials

When traveling, it is advisable to carry plenty of water and pet food, as pets often get dehydrated due to the excitement and panting while in the car. Likewise, have enough pet food packed, so that the food suffices the travel and a couple of days more during the initial days of living in a new apartment.

Seat Covers

When traveling with your pet, you would not like your vehicle’s seat covered with pet hair, muddy paw prints, and sometimes those unfortunate poop accidents. If your vehicle’s interior is well protected, your pets leftover won’t be a concern for you.

Wrapping Up

In addition, you can go for vehicle safety devices designed for pets to ensure the utmost care of your pets during the travel. Keeping yourself and your pets ready for the journey to your new home, will ensure a less stressful transition. If you are still in the process of shortlisting a pet-friendly accommodation, you would like to check out our Tuscany rental apartments in TX, specifically designed for you and your pet’s comfort and safety. For details about the availability of Tuscany apartment homes, call us at (325) 944-1234. Also, feel free to ‘Schedule a tour’ of Tuscany apartment homes in TX.


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