6 Tips to Childproof Your Rental Apartment

Childproof Rental ApartmentWhether you have kids of your own or frequently host visitors with children, as a renter, childproofing your apartment must be one of your primary concerns. According to the Centre for Disease Control, almost 2,000 children aged 14 or below succumb every year in the US to injuries that result from household accidents, the primary culprits being suffocation, drowning,falls, and choking. The blog post includes some useful tips to make your windmill apartment for rent a secure place for your kids and other little ones who visit your house.

1. Use Stove Guards

Fire is the most lethal of all the dangers that your kids face given the fact that most deaths are accounted to burn injuries. Use adjustable stove guards to keep your child out of harm’s way. These devices cover the hot spots, therefore, preventing your child from touching them or the hot flame. Additionally, use stove knob covers to ensure your child can’t tamper with the controls.

2. Install Blind Cord Winders

Window panes and ledges are dangerous places for your curious toddlers, especially when kids start crawling around to examine their surroundings. Cases of strangulation from window blinds and curtain cords are not rare. To avoid such hazards, use blind cord winders that wind up excess cords, thereby preventing them from hanging loose and also keep the dangling cords away from your kid’s reach. Additionally, install childproof window guards if the windows are within your kid’s reach.

3. Secure Cabinets and Drawers

If you use cabinets and drawers to store medications and sharp objects, beware,  your kids might crawl inside, which would expose them to unforeseen hazards. To prevent this from happening, install latches to ensure your kid is unable to access these areas. You can also choose from a range of child-friendly locks such as magnetic locks, adhesive mount cabinet locks, and cord cabinet locks to ensure your kids can’t open the cabinet.

4. Secure Electrical Outlets

During 2015, US hospitals received approximately 4000 cases of electrical injuries. Children are at a high risk of electrical injuries, as they tend to stick their fingers inside unsecured outlets out of curiosity. You can keep the risk at bay by installing flat plastic outlet plug covers that are difficult for your child to open. You can also install child safety wall plates that cover the outlet when not in use. Another option is installing childproof electrical outlets that cover prong holes.

5. Secure Bathrooms

Did you know, more than 43,000 kids land in the ER every year due to bathroom injuries? You can take the following steps to ensure your kid doesn’t become a part of this statistic:

  • Use nonslip mats on hard surface floors near the bathroom to avoid chances of a fall.
  • Install a toilet lock to avoid chances of injuries and drowning.
  • Cover the tub spout to avoid head injuries.
  • Secure the toilet lid and cover the bolts.

6. Ensure a Safe Walk Space

Investing in cushioned corner guard or edgings can be a prudent decision, especially if you have kids who have just started walking and need support to maintain their balance. These guards will secure sharp edges of surrounding furniture, thereby, protecting your kids from injuries when they fall. Additionally, use stable furniture to ensure your child doesn’t topple when they transfer their body weight on it.

Final Few Words

Baby proofing your windmill apartment or any other property that you rent is not an expert or a capital intensive task. A word of advice; before you’re ready to execute any of these or other steps that involve introducing structural changes, make sure you get the approval of your landlord. If you’re looking for a safe and affordable apartment to move in, look no further than Kington Properties. We manage prime properties in Texas, including Windmill apartments, Bellagio at Sunset, Tuscany Apartment Homes, and the Resort at Riverside. To learn more, call us at (325) 949-5235 or drop a line on our message board.

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