7 Pocket-friendly Décor Ideas to Personalize your Home

7 Pocket-friendly ways to decorate your rental propertyWhether living in a rental property or your own home, a small apartment or big one, everyone loves to personalized their home. On contrary to popular belief that home decoration is a money intensive process, there are several ways in which you can decorate your home at less cost possible. With so many DIY home decoration guides available on the internet, it is now easy to personalize your home without breaking the bank. In this post, we have collated some economical home decor ideas that are sure to brighten up your humble abode without you having to splurging much. Take a look.

Seven cost-effective ways to decorate your home –

1. Thoughtful Display

Make a no-cost display by hanging old greeting cards, motivational quotation cards, and polaroid photos through a string. You can also use fairy lights string to clip the artwork.

2. Minimalist Table Decoration

If your dining table is too small to display a lot of accents, you can add elegance to the table just by using a table runner. You can use an oversized scarf, a patterned fabric from an old bedsheet, or retired window treatment for the same.

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3. Incorporate Odd Number Groupings

Give an unconventional appeal to your home decor by adding odd-number groupings. Display a picture divided into three or five frames for an eye-catching arrangement.

4. Display Souvenirs

Incorporate mementos that you had collected from your vacation and outings to give a personalized touch to your home decor. Whether it is the collection of shell from the beach, variety of rocks from your trekking expeditions, or a framed wedding invitation, anything that reminds you of your good memories are worth displaying.

5. Use Paper Upgrades

Repainting walls to give a new look to the home decor is not only time consuming but also cost intensive. Instead use colorful wallpapers, wrapping paper, or patterned fabric as lining for the back of boring bookshelves or built-ins, which will give a fresh appeal to the decor.
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6. Decorate with Kid’s Art

Displaying kid’s art is another way to add a fresh appeal to your home decor. Use pretty frames to double up the fun. Moreover, you can keep changing the gallery with your kid’s latest artwork, to get an instant new look.

7. Make the Most of Repurposed Art

Make the most of obsolete items available in your home. You can use an old serving tray as a piece of wall art hanging beside your bed and complement the room with contrasting color scheme. Also, you can use old glass jars and put fairy lights in it. This will give you a contemporary night lamp to display by your bed side.

Wrapping up

Taking a DIY route to redecorate your home is one of the best ways to save big on home decor expenses, without compromising on the appeal. Also, if you want to replace your existing furniture, it is advisable to look for second hand furniture, which will cost you half the price of brand new one, and you can then personalize it with your DIY decoration skills. If you are living in a rental property in San Angelo or any other place, make sure you have your landlord’s permission if you making any modification in the walls for the decoration purpose.


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