7 Reasons to Rent Windmill Park Apartments in San Angelo

ReasonsSan Angelo is ranked as one of the best small cities for business and employment. Its diverse economy makes it a great option for many people from nearby cities such as Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth. If you just got a job in San Angelo, finding a place to stay is not a hassle, as Kington Properties has you covered, with options such as Windmill Apartments for rent. Not only can you rent the luxury apartments at affordable rates, you can also enjoy a comfortable stay owing to the presence of a full range of amenities that most tenants have come to expect. In this post, we list seven reasons that make Windmill Rental Properties in San Angelo, TX one of the hottest rental properties in the city.

1. Central Air Conditioned Units

Windmill Park Apartments take complete care of the tenants comfort. Some units feature centralized air conditioning to ensure tenants feel cool and comfortable during summers. Renting such an apartment may come at a premium, as the air conditioning units incur additional cost, but the unmatched comfort that you get makes the added cost worth it.

2. Free Basic Cable

Windmill Park apartments give you your daily dose of entertainment owing to their basic cable facility. Though you can only access limited number of channels, it cuts down your entertainment costs, as you would otherwise have to get a television set and cable connection. At windmill apartments for rent, you do not have to pay for the cable connection as the cost is included in your rent.

3. 24/7 Laundry Service

Most rental apartments do not offer laundry services, meaning tenants either have to go to laundry stores or schedule laundry pickups by service providers. At Windmill Park apartments, however, you get a separate laundry room that’s accessible 24/7, allowing tenants the convenience to wash clothes as and when they wish.

4. Pet-friendly

Unlike some rental properties, Windmill Park Apartments are pet-friendly. This means you can bring your pet along when moving into your rented apartment. The apartments have several modifications and amenities to ensure, both, adequate living space for your pet and proper care and hygiene.

5. Swimming Pool

There’s a common swimming pool in the premises of the apartments, which provides a great way to cool off during hot summers and also meet your neighbors and get familiar with the new setting. It is maintained according to the highest standards for the good health of all tenants.

6. Storage Units

Store your belongings easily by renting 10×15 or 10×20 sized units. There’s plenty of room in the units to store large items such as couches, tables, or pianos. They can accommodate all your excess furniture and other items that you find difficult to accommodate in your new apartment. This way, your apartment will not look crowded. You can access the storage units between 8am to 8pm.

7. Online Resident Service

Everything at Windmill Apartments is geared to give you the ultimate in convenience and comfort, including a web-based resident service portal to address all your needs. You can use the facility to pay rent, request maintenance services, get important information such as rental requirements & guidelines, and more.

Final Words

Tenants today search for apartments that offer modern amenities, including those highlighted in this blogpost. If you are searching for a residential apartment to rent in San Angelo, look no further than Windmill Park Apartments from Kington Properties. We are a seasoned, family-owned apartment rental services provider ready to assist you call Windmill Rental Properties in San Angelo, TX your new home. To know more about the apartments or schedule a visit,  fill out our contact form or give us a call at (325) 949-5235.


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