7 Small Adjustments to Revivify the Kitchen of a Rental Home

7 Small Adjustments to Revivify the Kitchen

Those who live in a rental home are usually reluctant about any type of home improvement, as it doesn’t make sense for them to put their money into a property they doesn’t belong to them. Even when we give some consideration to home improvement and decor, it is usually limited to the main living areas of the house, with other parts such as the kitchen taking the backseat. Fact is, renovating the kitchen of a rental property doesn’t have to be expensive. Aligned with the thought, this blog post discusses some innovative and cost-effective solutions to decorate the kitchen of a rental home. Let’s begin.

1. Decorate Cupboard Doors

Decorate Cupboard Doors

If the cabinets in your kitchen look boring, you can give them a makeover by covering them up with removable stickers and patterns. You can also buy ready made wallpapers, removable stickers, decals, or washi tape, to add some exuberance to a lacklustre kitchen.

2. Add A Rug

Add a Rug

Add some vigor to a neutral-toned kitchen by placing floor rugs, especially if you dislike ordinary laminated floor. Rugs can add a flair to the kitchen flooring and also has some practical uses such as providing cushioning to your feet if you spend a considerable time in the kitchen. You can get rugs in floral prints, novelty or theme rugs, contemporary and solid colored rugs to add some colors to your kitchen.

3. Use Wall Racks

Use Wall Racks

If the kitchen has limited storage space, you can fix some racks on the kitchen wall for additional space. Wall racks can be used to store frequently used items such as pots, pans, aprons, and utensils, to free some space on the slab and add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. If drilling holes is a problem, you can attach the racks with adhesive hooks that can bear heavy loads.

4. Change Light Fixtures

Change Light Fixtures

Changing the mundane dim lighting or the overhead fixture is another affordable and innovative way to decorate the kitchen. A decorative table lamp on a work surface and sideboard can lighten up your mood while cooking.

5. Bring in Some Colorful Furniture

Bring in Some Colorful Furniture

You can add some color to your monotonous kitchen by placing a few colorful chairs or bar stools. If possible, buy some wooden chairs and paint them in bright colors. You can also paint the drawers and shelves in some eye-catching colors to change the look of the kitchen.

6. Go Green

Go Green

Plants are a necessity, especially if you want to add some life to a shabby kitchen. Place tiny succulents and flowers planted in small pots next to the kitchen window. You can always take away the saplings while shifting to a new apartment. Consider growing some herbs as these will serve the purpose of decorating the kitchen and can also be used for cooking.

Decorate Walls with Artwork

Decorate Walls with Artwork

Hanging artworks are not just for your bedroom and living room; you can hang them in your kitchen, too. If rightly chosen, artworks and wall paintings add style to your kitchen while going well with the design of the cupboards and cabinet spaces.

Last Few Words

No matter whether you are in Lake Jackson or New York, you can easily give a facelift to the kitchen of your rental home without having to spend a fortune, by making the simple DIY adjustments discussed in the post. You can use these tips to add some space to your kitchen and at the same time, give it a new look. Any major changes, however, must be discussed with the property owner, before you go ahead with the execution plan.

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