8 Tips to get rid of Pesky Pests in Your Rental Apartment

Pesky Pests in Your Rental ApartmentAs kids, we were all smitten by cute rodents, curious chipmunks, and ever playful squirrels getting on with their daily antics in our backyards. What we didn’t know at that time was the damage these seemingly innocent vermins can cause. Pests such as cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs are carriers of disease causing viruses and bacteria. Others, such as termites, powderpost beetles, and fire ants can cause extensive damage to property. It is, therefore, important that you take measures to keep them at bay whether you rent a Bellagio apartment, in TX or elsewhere. To help, the blog discusses some effective tips that you can adopt to address the problem. Take a look.

1. Install Window and Door Screens

Windows and doors in your Bellagio apartment for rent are some of the common access points for pests. Installing window and door screens helps you seal vulnerable points around doors and windows. Some of the most common materials to choose from include fiberglass, aluminum, bronze, and copper. It is advisable that you keep your specific needs in mind when shopping for window screens. For example, if you want to keep pests opting for a pest-resistant screen ensures an enhanced service life. Use solar screens if you also want to control the amount of sunlight entering your home without sacrificing the outside view.

2. Ensure Proper Food Management

Left over and improperly covered food attracts insects and rodents. Always store food items in your refrigerator or air-sealed containers to conceal the aroma that attracts pests. If you have pet(s), use storage containers to store pet food. Empty your trash cans in designated trash receptacles for your unit. Clean trash cans regularly to ensure pests can’t feed on food items such as fruit and vegetable skin peels that often stick to the surfaces. Wipe off spills and dispose food crumbs immediately as their smell attracts pests.

3. Seal Holes and Other Entry Points

Use caulk to seal holes between the walls, baseboards, and within the floor. It is also advisable to fix gaps around cabinets to avoid property damage from pests. Use steel wool to seal large gaps, especially at points where pipes come through the wall, as the gaps can be a gateway for critters entering your house for rent in Bellagio. Always use trash cans that have a tight lid and tie cinderblocks to the lid if raccoons are regular visitors at your rental.

4. Use Insect Repelling Plants

Plants such as basil, lavender, lemongrass, lemon thyme, rosemary, and mint have natural insect repellent properties. Installing the plants uplift the aesthetics of your rental and help you get rid of a variety of insects such as carrot fly, asparagus beetles, and whiteflies.

5. Clean and Maintain Your Backyard

A greener and denser backyard that boasts plush vegetation uplift the overall aesthetics of your rental apartment. That said, such areas also serve as fertile breeding ground for different pests. It is, therefore, important that you clean the area regularly to keep a tab on the growth of different pests .Mow the lawn regularly and get rid of debris and junk that collects in and around the area. Store woodpiles away from the house and trim bushes and branches that extend to your rental. Use over the counter sprays to fumigate the area.

6.  Attract “Friendly” Birds That Feed on Pests

Why use pricey pesticides to get rid of insects and other pests when you have feathery friends to feed on flies and insects. You can take several steps to attract birds that eat insects such as bluebirds, cardinals, and chickadees. Some of the most effective measures include planting plants such as parsley, wild buckwheat, white sweet clover, tansy, and sweet fennel. Install a bird feeder outdoors and place food and water in it or build a birdhouse or nest boxes. Placing a birdbath in the lawn also works in most cases and helps attract birds that feast on insects.

7. Adopt a Trash Management Strategy

Adopting proper waste management strategies is a must to avoid pest infestation. Unmanaged waste is an open invitation for pests and attracts insects, rodents, and fleas. To address the issue, store food waste in the kitchen. Always use a lid to cover the trash can and empty it at regular  intervals. When using an outdoor can, make sure it has a self-closing tightly sealed lid that seals access points for insects. If you have a compost, use a cloth to hardwire  the lid. Empty it at an interval of every three to six months and clean the external and internal trash receptors regularly.

8. Keep Foundations Clear

Secluded and dark areas provide ideal conditions for bugs to breed, which makes the rental apartment’s foundation an area of concern. The fact that it provides easy access for insects into your interiors makes matters worse. To ensure the area doesn’t act as a breeding ground for pests, place twigs, wood, mulch, and grass clippings away from the foundation. Taking the step helps avoid moisture buildup, which provides a conducive environment for the multiplication of termites, ants, fleas, and spiders. Use trim or caulk to seal gaps around the siding joints. Also use natural alternatives such as boric acid or diatomaceous earth, instead of chemical insecticides to treat the foundations.

Final few Words

Apart from following the measures discussed in the blog, you must also take steps to declutter your Bellagio apartment in TX. Keep your rental dry to deny insects a conducive environment and get expert help in the event of acute infestation. You must also be very cautious when choosing a house for rent in Bellagio and go for a well maintained rental. At Kington Properties, we have in-house maintenance staff at all our properties to ensure proper and timely maintenance and help you avoid pest problems. To learn more about our services, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. You can also call us at (325) 944-1234.

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