A Look at the Required Landlord Disclosures in Texas


There are certain disclosures that every landlord needs to make to their tenants. The lease agreement, for starters, is the primary binding agent between the two parties. It specifies the rules, regulations, and rights of the tenant and the landlord, to clearly furnish the finer lines of all relevant factors. From the legal perspective within the spectrum of the federal government, every state grants certain specific rights to tenants. For instance, if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Lake Jackson, you need to be aware of the ‘Required Landlord Disclosures’ applicable in the Texas, in order to ensure all regulatory, legal guiding and protective rights are utilized to the fullest.

Owner/Agent Identity

It is essential for the landlords to disclose the identity and address of the owner of the property in the lease agreement. For instance, if an entity is responsible for maintaining the rental property is located off-site from the dwelling, the address of the management company must be disclosed.

Security Devices

The tenants possess certain rights regarding security devices, and landlords are expected to honor those rights. The landlord, however, may want the request of the tenants for security devices to be in writing. In such cases, it needs to be clearly mentioned in the lease.

Power Bill Management

Landlords who allocate master metered power bill following the prorated system or submeter the electricity service, possess the right to interrupt the electricity supply if the tenants don’t pay the bills, provided a formal notice precedes the action. This, however, does not apply if the tenant is sick or the weather conditions are extreme.

Repairs and Maintenance

It is important that tenants read the lease carefully and ensure that it contains counteractive measures for the tenant, in case the landlord fails to repair any damages in the apartment, which may pose a threat to the health and well-being of the inhabitants. Here are some of the measures the tenants can resort to:

  • Terminating the lease
  • Right to repair and deduct the amount from the rent
  • Obtaining a judicial order to get the repairs done

In the last case, the attorney and judicial fees are to be borne by the landlord.

Note: Rights of Special Category Tenants

Victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence may get considerable flexibility, as far as lease terms are concerned. Following the right legal procedure, they may break the lease and escape the obligations it contains regarding future/due rent. In addition, similar clauses apply to tenants in situations of family violence and military personnel.

A Few Last Words

So, that was a brief insight to a tenant’s legal rights. We hope the post helps you with your house hunt, and positions you better to have good relations with all your future landlords, no matter whether you need apartments for rent in Lake Jackson or any other part of Texas.

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