A Security Checklist to Ensure a safe Apartment Life

SecurityWhether you stay alone or with family, there should not be any compromises, when it comes to ensuring your and your loved ones’ safety. In fact, given the increasing instances of apartment breakins, it has becomes essential for you to doubly ensure your safety, especially when moving into a new apartment. To help you keep your guards up, the post will walk you through various safety aspects you must check before moving into a new place. Take a look.


Apartment Unit

Safety begins at home. Here is a list of security measures you must keep in mind when moving into a new apartment.

  • The entry door should have a peephole and latch.
  • Any sliding glass doors should have a wooden rod in the track to block movement and pins in the overhead frame to prevent lifting.
  • The unit should be fitted with break-in and fire alarms.
  • The manager or building owner should have a tight control on keys.
  • The unit should have a proper fire escape.
  • A concealed safe would be a plus.


The security measures implemented in the building are as important as the ones inside your apartment. Here is a list of the security measures you need to check:

  • The manager or landlord should have clear protocols for the entry of visitors.
  • Common areas such as the entrance, walkways, and parking areas should be well-lit.
  • The property should have a central security system.
  • The security staff of the property should be available around the clock.
  • The property should have a functional CCTV surveillance system.

Wrap Up

In addition to the checklist we have discussed, it is also advisable to get a feel of the neighbourhood and meet the people staying there. Neighbors can be a great support when it comes to ensuring your safety while staying in an apartment. It is advisable to join or start an apartment watch group, so that neighbors can help one another. If you are looking for a safe apartment  complex equipped with comprehensive security measures in San Angelo, TX, look no further than Bellagio Apartments. To learn more, visit our website or simply call (325) 944-1234.


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