Apartment Organization Tips that Really Work

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Space crunch is a big reason to worry about, especially for the neat freaks. Learning to keep things in an organized way is an art. Whether you have a rented apartment in San Angelo TX or in any other area, there are many ways to make the place look tidy, impressive and spacious. The blog discusses some smart apartment organization tips to help you decorate the rented apartments.

1. Clean the apartment regularly

When we say clean the apartment regularly, we are talking about something that is more difficult and time-consuming than simple vacuum cleaning or mopping. Purging is the only way to clear the unnecessary clutter that accumulates in the house. Whether it is piles of papers that are no longer important or clothes that do not fit; ensure that you remove everything that you don’t need. Do not purge only when you move into a new apartment or once in a while; make it a monthly activity.

2. Choose the right furniture

Too big or small furniture makes the apartment look cluttered or small. Take a measurement tape and note down the dimensions of space. Instead of rushing to a nearby furniture store or placing an order online, we recommend you to keep some empty boxes at the place where you want to keep the furniture. Add or remove boxes until you feel they look perfect at the spot and note down the dimensions of the covered area to buy furniture of similar size.

3. Refrain from overdoing

It is not necessary to fill the apartment with furniture and decor items. If you want the small living area to look bigger, restrict from stuffing in too many things. Never hang small picture frames on one wall and place candles, book shelves, etc. on the other one. Instead, try to minimize the number of things you have in the house to give a neat look to the house.

What else to take care of:

  • When installing a bookshelf, purchase something that reaches the ceiling. More shelves mean more space to keep things and it gives the house a bigger feel.
  • Buy multi-functional furniture such as a sofa cum bed or dining cum office table so that there’s no need to invest on multiple things and you get more space to move around in the house.
  • Hang TV on the wall, instead of keeping it on a cabinet. You can keep a small table underneath or fix a wooden shelf next to the TV to keep the CDs.

Last Few Words

Hope the above-discussed tips help you get rid of the mess and make the most out of space. Kington Properties, a family-owned and operated property firm provides fully staffed and maintained rental units in most sought after areas of San Angelo and Lake Jackson. If you are looking for well-planned, affordable housing units with several amenities, get in touch with us today.


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