Finding and Renting a Pet-friendly Apartment

FindingFinding a rental that accepts your four-legged friend can be quite a task. Many communities have a strict no-pet policy, while others may allow pets, but with certain restrictions. Kington Properties understands your furry friend means the world to you, which is why we ensure your pets have a good time, whether you chose to rent a Bellagio apartment in TX or a rental in any other community. If, however, you are looking for a rental elsewhere, follow the below tips to give your pet a home where they are accepted and loved.

Use Local Resources

Get in touch with the animal care agencies operating in the area requesting them to provide a list of communities that accept pets. If you know any real developers or apartment managers who themselves own pets, request them to provide leads. Scan through the pages of the community handbook that includes useful info about pet-friendly apartments and weight and breed restrictions, if any. You can also log onto websites that provide info on pet-friendly apartments across the U.S.

Establish Yourself as a Responsible Pet Owner

Many landlords will be more than happy to rent out, if you are able to present documents that establish you as a responsible pet owner. Request your current landlord to provide a reference letter stating that your pet is well behaved and you are diligent in executing your duties as a pet owner. Get written proof from the trainer stating that your pet is well trained. Most importantly, get a letter from your veterinarian detailing the list of vaccines  the animal has received.

Write a Letter to the Landlord or their Representative

Write a letter to the landlord or their representative (in many cases the property manager) to grant your request. In the letter, point out that the pet is trained to litter in a litter box. Mention that you’ like owner and other residents’ are concerned about fleas and follow a detailed cleanliness schedule (a fleas control program) to keep your pet clean. State that you properly dispose your dog’s waste and always use a leash when walking the animal.

Promote Your pet

To project your pet as a calm, well-behaved and docile animal, request your prospective landlord to visit your current home. During the visit, give them a guided tour of the animal’s recreation area, the pet house and the feeding area. If arranging a visit is not possible, create your pet’s resume; a scrapbook that includes their pictures and the living area.

Happy Renting With Your Furry Friends!

Whether you are looking for a Bellagio apartment for rent or a house in any other location, following these tips will help you find a pet-friendly rental and improve your chances of getting approved. To protect your and your pet’s interest, get everything in writing and make sure the no-pet clause is removed from the lease. Kington Properties shares your passion for pets. We are more than happy to welcome renters with their four-legged friends. To schedule a property visit, fill out our contact form or call at  (325) 944-1234.


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