Furnished Apartments – Should You Rent One?

FurnishedOne of the biggest dilemmas that renters are in, at the time of looking for a rented apartment, is whether to go for a furnished apartment or an unfurnished one? In case you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, in this post we have listed a few pros and cons of renting a furnished apartment. Furnished apartments are a great alternative in case you’re studying, travelling for work or want to escape the inconvenience that comes with buying and moving new furniture.


Weighing the Pros and Cons First

Furnished apartments generally come equipped with basic furniture, kitchen appliances, crockery and bathroom utilities. All of it, however, comes at a price and is not free. Before you decide whether or not to go with a furnished apartment, here are the pros and cons of furnished apartments you must know.

The Pros

1. Relocating is a piece of cake

In case you move frequently, you would want to keep as less baggage as possible. It will be quick and easy since you will not have to shift any of the big furniture items.

2. You will save money

Buying your own furniture would mean spending a whole lot of money. If you are moving to a rented apartment for the first time, you may not have all that money to buy all the furniture at once. Moving to a furnished apartment makes more economical in a scenario like this.

3. You might get a shorter lease

If you’re not one of the typical renters who go for long lease then a furnished apartment might be a good option for you as many furnished apartment owners rent their apartments to students and travelers  on a short term basis. The rents however may be higher than usual.

The Cons

1. It would cost you more  

The rent of a furnished apartment is higher than that of an unfurnished one as it includes the cost of the amenities as well. What’s worse is that any damage to the apartment or furniture would be taken care of using the security deposit. So, you might not get a refund of the entire amount once you leave the house.

2. You can’t customize

If you dislike the color of the couch or the size of your bed; then there is not much that you can do about it. You can definitely add your photo frames, wall hangings and other decorative items. However, you cannot have full control over how your apartment looks.

3. The number of options will go down

The number of furnished apartments available on rent is relatively lower than the unfinished ones. As a result, the number of available options may go down drastically. However, if you are up for some hustle then your ideal furnished home will not be far away.


Although the rent of a furnished apartment might be higher than an unfurnished one, there are other perks that come with it.  If you are looking for apartments for rent in San Angelo, TX, you can choose from our out our multifamily properties such as Sandpiper Apartments, The Resort at Riverside, Windmill Park Apartments, Bellagio at Sunset, Driftwood apartments and more. To learn more about our apartments, fill out the contact form and our property manager will get in touch with you.


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