Give your Small Rental Unit a Makeover with These Decor Tips

Ideas for decorating your rental apartment living room in North Central San Angelo

If you live in an apartment home in San Angelo, Texas, or any other area, you may often find it difficult to design the space especially if it has space constraints. Many of us, however, probably do not know that a small place may look beautiful and spacious,if decorated in the right way. Even if the rental unit might not be too spacious, a makeover might affect the look of an apartment.

When decorating a small rental unit, it is important to maintain a balance between functionality and design. It is advisable to add items that reflect your style and are always in trend. Let’s look at some design ideas that you may not be aware of when designing a small rental apartment:

Define Separate Areas

Give every space in the apartment a specific purpose so that the place looks less messy. Putting a buffet between the dining area and kitchen, for instance, not only makes it easy to serve but also provides more storage space. If you live in a studio apartment, you can create a wooden frame between the living area and the bedroom to define separate spaces.

Buy Dual-purpose Furniture

Consider adding dual purpose furniture if the apartment has space constraint. Sofa cum bed is a good option if there’s only one or no bedroom in the house. The sofa can also be used as a bed to accommodate an extra guest. Similarly, you can also buy a hollow ottoman and use it to store small things scattered around the apartment.

Consider the Option of Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is a great option especially if there is a need for more storage space in the apartment. A large entertainment cabinet, for instance, may be used as a divider between the living and bedroom area and as storage furniture on which you may place some books, showpieces, or other stuff. The wall space could also be used to hide the folding furniture such as a Murphy bed.

Go for Light Color Palette

Dark colors often give the space a smaller appearance. Therefore, it is better to stick to the lighter shades to give the apartment a spacious feel. Try to focus on three colors – two of them can be of light shades to use in a majority of the area and one needs to be of darker shade so that everything looks visually attractive.

Hang a Mirror

An easy and pocket-friendly tip you can implement if you have a small apartment is to hang a mirror opposite a window. It makes your apartment look spacious because of the light bouncing around the room. One thing that you need to remember is – the bigger the mirror, the better is the impact.

Don’t compromise with the interiors of the rental unit just because you live in a small apartment. Try to maintain a balance between the design and functionality to turn the house into a home. Hope that the post helps you in gathering some amazing ideas for home décor.

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