Here’s How to Get Your Rental Application Approved in a Competitive Rental Market

RentalThere may be more than a few rental apartments out there, some that you don’t like, and others that you like, but are not easily available. Either their rent would be too high or there might be stiff competition as there would be other renters eyeing the same apartment. In a scenario like this, what is that you should do to convince your potential landlord to rent out the apartment to you? To help, in this post we list some important tips that you must follow to win over a potential landlord.

Have a Rental Resume

Well, there are more than a few benefits of having a rental resume. A rental resume not just saves you the time that you spend filling out rental applications over and over, but it also helps you project yourself as a well-organized individual to your potential landlord. Sending a rental resume to a potential landlord also saves you the hassles of visiting them just in case they weren’t too keen on renting out their apartment to you.

Write a Cover Letter

While having a resume is a good to have thing, writing a cover letter will earn you some more brownie points from your potential landlord. In the introduction cover letter, share the details that you think would be most relevant from a landlord’s point of view. For example, besides wanting to know a little history about who you are, a potential landlord would also want to know the reasons why you are shifting from your current apartment. In case you don’t have a good credit score, do write about it giving a solid explanation.

Include Necessary Documents

It’s good to stay organized. It will help you set a good first impression on a potential landlord, unlike some renter who would be running from pillar to post, looking for documents at the last moment. If you want the cards to be in your favour include the necessary documents in your rental application, such as your photo ID, address proof, employment proof, and copies of your bank statement. In case you have moved in from a different city, for work, include a copy of the signed offer letter from your new employer.

Secure a Financial Guarantor

No landlord would want to rent their property to a renter with a bad credit record.  If you don’t have a good credit score, chances are that your rental application might be rejected because of it. To avoid your application from getting rejected outright, request a friend or family member to become a financial guarantor for you. If you are unable to get someone to vouch for you, or want to keep your friends and family out of this, offer to pay a few months of rent in advance or offer to pay extra security money, to gain the confidence of your potential landlord.

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