Quick Guide to Finding an Apartment for Rent


Finding a perfect place for rent is both exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. It combines the anxiety of finding the right place with the anticipation of hitting the right deal. For instance, you may find a good apartment for rent in Lake Jackson TX at an affordable price as it is a preferred destination among students and young professionals provided you can negotiate well to get a better deal. Zeroing on such a property needs some expertise so that you may align your needs with your budget. Keep reading to know the skills needed for apartment hunting.

Finding the Right Property

  • The first step is to consider your requirements before you look for a new apartment. Make a list of utilities you are expecting, followed by your budget and the factors you are ready to compromise.
  • Pen down the details like whether you need a place closer to your work, or a peaceful location and won’t mind commuting. When you start looking for an apartment, determine the amenities that are a necessity and the conveniences that you are ready to compromise. You will need to make some concessions in order to stay within your budget. The list will come in handy when you will be overwhelmed with too many options and need to make a quick decision.
  • Once you are clear about your requirements, it is time to get in touch with the owners of rental apartment properties. Shortlist and contact properties that cover all your specifications. Don’t go overboard and waste your time by visiting plush properties which will be out of your budget. Negotiation doesn’t work in thousands, so, it’s better to save yourself time by visiting properties that meet your specifications.
  • Give yourself a few options. Check out at least 3-4 apartments before making the final decision. This will help you get an idea about the market trends and ensure that you are not paying more unnecessarily.
  • After shortlisting the apartment, read the rules and regulations of the premises. Some premises are too stringent and you may regret your decision after a few months and shifting frequently weighs down big time on the pocket. Judge wisely when the time is right, it will save you a lot of headache,time and money.

Negotiating a Lease

You can consider your job half done if you find an apartment that fulfills all your needs. However, the most difficult part of pleasing the owner and negotiating the prices is yet to begin. Apartment owners have a lot of criteria that make for a typical deal. For example, some owners don’t want to rent out their apartment to bachelors while some may not prefer renters with pets. So, overall it’s a game of pleasing the owner, and ensuring that you land up with a perfect deal.

  • Before you start negotiating, it is advisable to get information about the current prices prevailing in the neighborhood. This will save you some face when you start negotiating the price.
  • While it is important to stay confident when you negotiate with the landlord but you need to be flexible to some extent. At times, being adamant on a lease price or utility prices may not work out for you. If the landlord is too stringent about the security deposit, ask for a waiver in utilities or inclusion of maintenance in it. A little compromise on both sides may turn out to be profitable for you and the landlord.
  • Sell yourself as the suitable renter by showing up on time, being presentable and ensure that you have a good credit score to impress the landlord. Nobody wants a lousy prospect who looks like he won’t be able to pay the rent on time. So, do everything to sell yourself and get the apartment on good terms.
  • Be polite in your negotiations. There is no point arguing with a landlord especially if you are keen to get the apartment on rent. Keep your facts clear, don’t agree to over-the- roof price but state it all in a polite manner to make an impact and change the deal in your favor.

Don’t Forget to Check

  • Check all the extra payments that are included in the deal. Apartments usually provide a lot of amenities on a chargeable basis and it is better to understand the charges in advance.
  • Find out whether you are allowed to keep pets in the apartment.  In addition to this, find out whether you need to pay any deposit or pet rent.
  • Ask for any rules related to party timings and number of roommates allowed in the apartment.
  • Check with the owner if you can make changes such as drilling holes for paintings and other basic amenities.
  • Last but not the least, get everything in writing before you sign the lease.


Finding a place to live that is affordable and comfortable is a difficult task. It can be streamlined a bit with proper planning and hitting a balance between expectations and the budget. Apartments for rent are easily available in places like Lake Jackson, TX provided you follow effective negotiation skills. This article will help you identify a proper method to find your dream apartment that won’t make hole in your pocket.

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