Rental Resumes: Explained By Lake Jackson Real Estate Experts


Finding a perfect apartment in an increasingly populated city such as Lake Jackson can be overwhelming. The city, known for numerous infrastructural and recreational wonders, makes a perfect place to settle down, but finding a suitable property is always a challenging task. Hopeful tenants looking for apartments for rent in Lake Jackson strive to get every possible advantage in their corner, out of which, an important one is a rental resume. As the name suggests, a rental resume is like a work resume except it bears an account of your rental history, not work.

Why Do You Need a Rental Resume?
The purpose of a rental resume is similar to that of a credit report. It helps landlords and property managers to determine the suitability of potential tenants. Though there are no fixed guidelines about the extent of information to provide on a rental resume, it’s sensible to disclose as much information as possible to validate your credibility. Let’s explore the elements required to create a persuasive rental resume.

Information to include in a Rental Resume
Your rental resume should bear detailed information about the previous apartments and houses you rented (or owned) in the past, and the history of rent payments. The resume also needs to provide information on the total number of people who would be living in the apartment, including their age and how they are related to you.

In addition, other good-to-have elements include:

  • References by previous landlords
  • Educational history
  • Employment history

How to ‘Pump Up the Doc’?
The resume acts like a first-hand communication between you and the landlord, and therefore, must be made with care. Start with a catchy subject line that describes what you are looking for in an apartment, and gives a brief overview about your family and references. Just remember, that this is a serious document, so don’t go overboard with expressions and pay heed to significant factors such as the language used and the extent of information disclosed.

Things to Remember

  • Maintain a personal, conversational tone, but don’t be too informal.
  • Avoid using pun statements unless you are a master at them.
  • Include as many data elements as possible to add value.
  • NEVER fake any information.

Hope this brief read helps you find a suitable property without having to run from pillar to post. Should you wish to learn more about how to improve your chances of landing a suitable deal, feel free to speak with one of our apartment rental specialists.

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