The Apartment Moving Guide – Not just for the first-timers

All-In-One Apartment Moving GuideMoving to a new apartment is exciting and strenuous at the same time. While you get a chance to design the new space, packing and unpacking could consume a lot of time and energy. The probability of breakage and losing important stuff is also high when you are shifting to a new place. So, how could apartment dwellers ensure that their next move is smooth and less tiring? The answer is – by planning and preparing in advance. In this blog post, we share the step-by-step guide for a smooth transition to your next apartments for rent in San Angelo, TX or any other city. Read on.

All-In-One Apartment Moving Guide

Two Months Before the Move

You may think that two months is too early to plan the move, but it would help you in shifting in a more organized manner. Start with keeping all your letters, receipts, and important documents at one place. We suggest that you categorize the documents such as:

  • Apartment lease and other important papers
  • Receipts of purchases
  • Medical and school records

In addition to organizing the documents, apartment dwellers should also be proactive about getting quotes from moving companies. The early you start, the better quotes you get, and the more time you have to negotiate with the companies and shortlist the trusted one.

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30-Days Before the Move

Make a list of the items that you will be taking along, and the rest you can sell or donate. If it is a long-distance move, for example – from Arkansas to a rental property in San Angelo, TX – the cost of shipping large furniture would be high. You need to either negotiate a lot with the moving company or sell off/donate the furniture.

Another important task is to notify the utility providers about your move, so that your previous address is not charged for any service after the move, and you receive bills at the new apartment right from the start. Some of the service providers you need to notify in advance are:

  • Electricity and gas
  • Cable, phone and Internet service

2-Weeks Before the Move

As the moving date approaches closer, start with organizing the following things:

  • Remove the furniture that you won’t be taking along
  • Buy blinds, rugs, and curtains for more privacy in the new apartment
  • Create a list of the items that will be transported by the moving company
  • Fill out the new address form at the local post office, so that all the mails are redirected to the new apartment

One Week Before the Move

It is time to get into action to avoid last-minute goof-ups. Start with:

  • Labeling boxes according to where they will be placed (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) in the new apartment
  • Marking the fragile items and loading them at the last
  • Keeping your moving day essentials such as toiletries, clothes, and other necessary items in a box

The Big Day – The moving day

Loading, unloading, packing and unpacking would leave you exhausted by the end of the day. Make sure that you have snacks packed for the first day at the new apartment, especially if you are not familiar with the city and don’t want to take chance by ordering from a nearby food joint. It will take at least two to three days to organize everything in the new apartment, so moving on weekends would be a great idea.

Final Words

Moving is stressful, but a planned move could make everything more organized for you. Hope the guide would help you in shifting the new apartment in a hassle-free way. If you are looking for apartments for rent in San Angelo, TX, check out our multifamily properties that are designed and constructed to offer a comfortable and affordable living space to tenants. To learn more about our apartments, fill out the contact form and our property manager will get in touch with you.


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