Top 5 Reasons to Consider Properties for Rent in San Angelo

5 Reasons to Consider Properties for Rent in San Angelo

San Angelo, a quaint yet vibrant city located in Tom Green County, Texas, with the backdrop of the mesmerizing Concho Valley, stands out for its high quality of life. Starting from all essential amenities, such as healthcare, housing, and education, to cultural and recreational facilities, the “quality of life” offered by the city is evident. Another key fact is the city’s steady economy, which is thriving due to boom in agricultural, defense and telecommunication sectors. In addition, San Angelo is also a regional hub of oil and gas industry. Overall, the city is an ideal place to live, and those who need to relocate to West Texas for education or job can easily find affordable properties for rent in San Angelo.

Let’s elaborate the reasons as to why San Angelo is: “The place to come to for good times.”

1. Low Cost of Living

The costs of living are reasonable in San Angelo. The “Cost of Living Index” by the Council for Community and Economic Research shows that the city ranks quite high because of low pricing of various items and services including groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. Housing costs, for example, are 22 percent below the national average, and a major contributor to the index.

2. Proximity to Essentials

Most of the premier rental properties located in San Angelo have proximity to schools, universities, markets, hospitals, public transportation, parks, and sporting arenas. People also have easy access to US Highway 87 and Loop 306, which makes mobility much easier.

3. Full Service Apartments

Many rental properties are located in North Central San Angelo such as Windmill Park apartments offer all the necessary amenities such as laundry rooms, free basic cable, pool, and storage units. It means renters get all the basic and recreational facilities to have a comfortable lifestyle.

4. History and Culture

San Angelo is an uptown city, which has a perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture and small-town charm. The city has great historical significance, especially after the American Civil War. One structure that is a semblance of the city’s rich history is Fort Concho (Est. 1867), which nested the “Buffalo Soldiers” during the war. In addition, San Angelo State Park, Cactus Hotel, the Museum of Fine Arts, and numerous art galleries have also preserved the city’s rich cultural heritage.

5. Recreational Facilities

San Angelo’s sunny weather allows people to enjoy various recreational activities throughout the year. When the summer temperatures soar a little, revelers throng the three city lakes for boating, fishing, and water skiing. Children, especially, find the place quite interesting and entertaining due to an array of activities that are on offer. There are several recreation centers such as “Boys and Girls Clubs”, and the “YMCA”. Kids can choose from many sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, and gymnastics. Additionally, shopping malls and movie theaters complete an impressive range of outdoor recreational facilities.

Last Few Words

So, are these reasons enough for you to consider properties for rent in San Angelo? If the answer is a resounding “yes”, check out the Windmill Apartments by Kington Properties. A perfect haven for those who seek a peaceful neighborhood, the rental apartments are just a few minutes away from schools, shopping centers, and public transportation stops. Should you wish to learn more about our Windmill Apartments for rent, feel free to connect with us for a no-obligation free consultation.

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