Leasing Qualifications Guidelines

In an effort to promote equal treatment of all Residents and Applicants, there will be no exceptions to the following qualifying criteria. All persons applying to live at this Community must meet all of the following requirements.

Income Requirements

Income must be no less than three times the amount of the monthly rent. If more than one applicant, the income may be combined to meet the requirement.

Credit Requirements

At least 50 % of current account must be in good standing . No credit history will be considered good credit history. An additional fee may; be required at the discretion of management/owner.

Rental Requirements

All applicants must have six months of verifiable rental history or mortgage history. An additional fee may be required by management/owner. Outstanding debts to landlords will results in denial. Negative rental profile will result in denial.

Employment History

All applicants must have six months of verifiable employment history. All applicants must provide a copy of applicant’s two most recent paycheck stubs. Application may be denied if employment history is unsatisfactory. Additional fees may be required.

Special Requirements

  • *Applicants under the age of eighteen will be listed as occupants only and cannot be considered Leaseholders.
  • *Each applicant must provide government issued identification and allow it to be photocopied.
  • *Statewide criminal searches may be conducted on each applicant and any occupant.
  • *A felony conviction or conviction for sexual crimes will result in denial of that applicant or occupant. Misdemeanors will be looked at and reviewed and could result in denial also.
  • *Criminal conviction history of violent crimes, crimes against person or property, or drug related crimes may
    result in denial.
  • *Falsification of application will result in denial and forfeiture of all fees paid.

Lease Guarantor

A Lease Guarantor will be allowed for first time renters, recent college graduates or renters with insufficient income.
Lease Guarantor must

  • *Make at least six times the amount of the monthly rent and meet all qualifying criteria.
  • *Complete and sign a separate Lease Guaranty form.

Occupancy Guidelines

Familial status id defined as children under eighteen years of age domiciled with parent(s) with legal custody or children domiciled with the designee of the parent(s) with custody ( written permission); and any person who is pregnant or in the process of attaining legal custody of a child under eighteen. Maximum occupancy limits are as follows:
1 bedroom; 2 persons
2 bedrooms; 4 persons
3 bedrooms; 6 persons

Persons under the age of 9 months are not considered as occupants.

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